Water Treatment

Water is an essential component of all living organisms on Earth. There is no life without water. Everybody knows well that water forms the basis of any food product. The quality and taste of any product depends on water properties.

Raw Materials

Classic beer is brewed from 4 ingredients: water, malt, hops and beer yeast...


Global modernization of "Afanasy" started in far-back 1998. Many things have been changed at the plant during this time...


At all times beer in Russia was considered to be the symbol of well-being, celebration and welfare. The job of brewer was always of the same rank with the profession of grain-grower...

Quality Control

The quality and safety of our product complies with the State Standard and with Sanitary Rules and Regulations. All products have Compliance Certificates and Hygiene Certificates...

Latest Developments

The latest developments and achievements of the company...

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