The enterprise takes care of its employees, clients and consumers. We pay great attention to production processes modernization as new equipment allows saving time and pains, turning out products according to the modern quality standards. It is impossible to overestimate the role of technological equipment in production because it is its technical perfection that defines technical effectiveness and economical efficiency of any technology. Consequently, technology gap of any brewery predetermines the loss of its positions on the beer market.

Global modernization of "Afanasy" started in far-back 1998. Many things have been changed at the plant during this time: production facilities have been repaired, new equipment has been installed in production shops, contracts for purchase of expensive equipment have been concluded, many processes have been automated.

In 2000, the corporate steam boiler house and artesian well were brought into operation.

In 2001, the company finished construction of fermentation room and lager cellar ("ZIEMANN") as well as compressor shop for industrial refrigeration ("GRASSO"). Bottling lines for filling beer in aluminum cans and PET-6 ("SASIB") were purchased. New bright beer tank (BBT) was also built.

In 2002, PET-8 bottle filling line was installed («KHS»).

In 2003-2005 modernization was temporarily stopped for the period of decline in production.

In 2006 the plant purchased automatic labeling machine "Bonomatic" («KRONES») to attach pressure sensitive labels to bottles. Automatic line of unfiltered beer bottling was brought into operation.

In 2007 equipment was prepared to bottle unfiltered beer in kegs. Reconstruction of brewing and fermentation shops was finished. The most modern equipment was installed that helped to increase the volume of production and to improve the quality of product. A whirlpool, a brew kettle and a SIP station ("KRONES") were installed in the brewing shop. The quantity of tanks in BBT shop was increased up to 6. A trap filter, a separator and a carbonating machine were installed in filtration department.

In 2008 a PET-12 bottling line was assembled. A new water treatment complex ("JURBY") was brought into operation that helped to considerably decrease iron content of water as well as to improve the quality and taste of the plant's products.

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