Raw Materials

Classic beer consists of 4 components. These are water, malt, hops and beer yeast.

90-95% of the beer is water. The quality of water has significant influence on the taste of the beer produced. In our production we use specially prepared multiply treated water.

Malt – is a specially treated sprouted and dried grain. Perhaps, this is the most significant material in brewing, which influences color, flavor and palate fullness of beer. There’s our own malt-elevator workshop at our plant, where we produce the highest quality malt from imported brewing varieties of barley, grown in Russia.

The most important beer component is hops. We use selected hops from Germany at our brewery. It is a matter of principle for us. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to find hops of high quality in Russia for now.

And at last, about the most important component – beer yeast. We make beer using German beer yeast only, because the quality of this component in Russia is still in a tight spot.

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