Quality Control

Conformity of quality and safety of our products to State Standard and Public Health Regulations is supported by conformity certificates and Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusions.

There are company standards at the brewery, which imply strict monitoring procedures at each production stage. Employees of production department and specialists of quality department monitor adherence to processing methods and correspondence of products parameters to the adjusted standards.

«Afanasy» has its own modern laboratory of physicochemical and microbiological control. It’s equipped with precision instruments and all the necessary checking techniques.

The quality control starts with choosing of raw material suppliers, auxiliary materials, washing up agents for the equipment. Everything, which is used for products manufacturing, starting with water and ending with packaging materials, is subject to strict acceptance inspection. Even the associated documentation for raw materials and the auxiliary materials is subject to expert examination for its safety and quality approval.

Each production stage is monitored according to the approved schedule, in which inspection points, inspection methods, analysis and testing frequency and responsible specialists are defined.

The quality control process can be divided in the following way:

  1. Incoming control of the raw materials and auxiliary materials;
  2. Physicochemical and microbiological control at all production stages;
  3. Physicochemical and microbiological control of all the finished products;
  4. Organoleptic estimation before dispensing, after dispensing and during all the expiration dating period;
  5. Control over storage conditions of finished products, wholesalers and retailers provide.

There is a taste panel at the brewery, which evaluates products by such parameters which cannot be defined with the help of devices and analyses. They are taste, flavor and balance of taste and aroma profile of the drink.

All the tasters were trained according to a special program, and they are able to distinguish even most delicate taste and flavor details.

If a batch of products corresponds to all the set quality and safety parameters, it’s issued a quality certificate and is allowed for selling.

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