Our mission

To achieve our objectives, we set the following tasks:

For our employees and clients, we create conditions for comfortable life, give the feeling of security and confidence in the future, provide qualified health care, give the opportunity to enjoy self-realization in work and positive emotions from rest.

  • Creation of own production of high-quality ecologically friendly products, development of own farm and attraction of private farms, expansion of a network of boutiques and branded cafes of healthy food.
  • Development of a medical direction to maintain the health of employees and the health of city residents.
  • Creation of our own security service, providing legal and physical protection of employees and citizens of our state. Creation of detachments of people's squads to maintain calm on the streets of the city.
  • Providing with the sense of love for the Motherland and pride in their work among employees of the Holding.
  • The establishment of our own bases for active recreation, as well as conditions removing psychological and physical fatigue.